Our debut short film…

Infms Cycling Community introduce you to their playground – The Veluwe.

A mystical and sacred wilderness area that possesses a unique energy and wild environment like no other in the lowlands of the Netherlands. Not to mention a paradise for off-road cycling, bike packing and more!

As a cycling community they explain why connection to one another and nature is so important, especially in modern times where their environment and those in it are suffering as a result of serious imbalance and exploitation. Only together will the Veluwe and its community thrive and progress with a conscious and mindful approach at the forefront of our intentions.

This is more than cycling, this is a love letter to the beautiful land and hopefully serving as a source of inspiration to look out for each other and act as guardians towards nature in order for others to enjoy it in years to come.

Werewolf and Run Wild!

In response to the lockdown and restriction on travel, combined with building stress and depression we designed this route to take in our favorite trails here at home in the Veluwe and see if we could combine them all in one short winter day from sunup to sundown.

This is a self supported adventure so you will need to cater for all your supplies. If you are lucky the cafe at Assel is open along the route but this is after 130km already…

The route can be broken down into 2 or more legs with overnighters built in if you want to take it slow and enjoy the scenery.

This route from 25 Dec – End Sept follows 99% legal bike paths and trails with 1% merely being unsure/in question so just go carefully, mindfully and respect all outdoor enthusiasts. Kroondomein area is closed between end Sept and Dec 25 so this part of the route (km95-135) is a definite no go during that time.

Any Q’s get in touch @infmscc on instagram or shoot us an email – info@infms.cc

Finishers will receive an Infmscc cap and get access to the unlock code for the next level…

Here is the route: https://www.komoot.com/tour/306780902


A Veluwezoom Epic

120km, 1000m climbing, Max Stoke. Dec 2020.

The Veluwe Scramble

160 KM of the Veluwe’s finest off road trails with Ramon on a warm early summers day.

Achterhoek Gravel

Man we love the Achterhoek. Gelderland ALL THE WAY

North Veluwe round trip

A nice Autumn day NXNE

Kroondomein gravel

Run the Jewels

Oosterbeek MTB by Gravel bike

Hella Fun