A Cycling Community of Radical Individuals




Infms CC exists to disrupt the traditional cycling landscape and establish a culture of Inclusion, Diversity and Empowerment on a Grassroots, not-for-profit level.

The Veluwe is our canvas on which we draw knobbly tyred lines and we love nothing more than exploring the backcountry to discover its intimate beauty and unlock its hidden secrets. Respect for nature and our environment is an essential part of our approach in the outdoors. Sharing the stoke it brings whilst taking responsibility to protect it is a non-negotiable.

As a small but tight knit community we also stand to support local organizations and groups with an environmental or social/cultural focus. Sharing a positive energy with others and being able to impact other peoples lives for the better is what motivates us immensely.

Photography by Willy Lamers and Steven Barrow